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Why We Love Mompreneurs

Mompreneurs are an amazing group of women who balance entrepreneurship and parenting. Neither is an easy task and combined make for a special set of circumstances – and a special type of woman who fulfills these roles. They take multitasking to a whole new level! And do so beautifully.

Mompreneur is a term coined in the late 90’s by two women business experts who recognized a growing trend of women starting entrepreneurial ventures in order to have more time and flexibility to spend with their families. These women have developed all types of businesses, many making significant money and all contributing to a trend of women having their own say in the type and style of work they do based on one thing – their passion.

From Term to Trend

Just a quick internet search will unveil a large number of websites and publications dedicated to mompreneurs, signifying the impact these women have had on our working life. From economic impact to work/life balance, these ladies have uncovered and worked through them all!

Just as a sample, the following are publications that have either dedicated segments or are completely dedicated to mompreneurs:

Furthermore, these women make up a powerful economic force as part of the blogger community. There is more than one internet tale of a company attempting to reach a mompreneur blogger audience and failing miserably. Why do they try? Because these women have cache’ in the online world. They are truly visionary in their approach to entrepreneurship, and they have a unified voice.

That is only part of the reason we love them!

The other trait of this dynamic group is when they see a need, the fill it, as in this case. Started by a mompreneur, Motivated Mommies™ is an organization dedicated to supporting “Motivated Moms” who want access to great opportunities but have little time to invest in finding them.   Tina Vega began Motivated Mommies to fill that need.  She was frustrated with continually getting false leads for work at home opportunities; so, Tina began compiling resources that are fully vetted to ensure that mompreneurs do not waste time and energy with scams. Instead, they get a website full of work opportunities, products and educational institutions that are legit.

Mompreneurs are exactly the type of working women that fit beautifully into a virtual environment like the one we have at Working Solutions. They are motivated, educated, and dedicated. After all, these women are doing their very best to raise and care for their families while also making a great living. This group of strong women does not compromise when it comes to raising strong children and fulfilling their dream.  They are a loving, caring group who believe in giving their all to whatever they do.

That is another reason we love them!

Mompreneurs fit amazingly into our Working Solutions virtual community! They have exactly the right attitude and the right experience to create excellent customer experiences. And they really care. They are at a stage in their lives where quality is more important than quantity, and they live that every day.

We are thankful for mompreneurs like Tina who started Motivated Mommies, and are excited about providing opportunities for this fantastic group of women! After all, as someone who also started a business from home, I know the challenges and understand the frustrations. That’s why it’s so much better if we all work together toward a better way of life!

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