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Working From Home While Being Involved with Family

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Amy    Customer Service      Agent for Working Solutions since 2014. 

Amy began her working career in the business office at a local nursing home in Tennessee. Later, when she had two children in school, she wanted to find a work-from-home job to be active in their school lives. A friend recommended Working Solutions where she could schedule her hours around their academics and after-school activities.

Amy’s son was 13 when she began working with Working Solutions. He graduated from high school last year and will be starting college in January. Her daughter was 8. They are both gifted in the arts. Her son has a drawing, which he did in the 4th grade, that still hangs on the stairway wall at The Creative Discovery Museum. Her daughter’s dance team has won many prizes at competitions. She also has performed at Disney Springs, for the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, at Six Flags over Georgia and many venues in her hometown.

Amy’s assignments with Working Solutions include supporting a senior care referral service that provides personal and professional assistance to families in search of senior care options. Working for this client, she could share her previous work experience and understanding. She’s worked with this program for five years now.

One of the things Amy enjoys about Working Solutions is the ability to establish ongoing relationships with her colleagues. Even though they live in different cities and states, they speak on the phone, connect through the company’s agent community and interact on social media. These activities are now a big part of her life—today’s virtual friendships.


Offering Hope in a Crisis

Supporting the senior referral service, Amy one day connected with a young woman who was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. She was a college student in a nursing program who also worked full time. If that wasn’t pressure enough, her mother had kicked her stepfather out of their home. He was now living in his car. Amy was able to calm the woman down by sharing her own life experiences and understanding. Then, Amy connected the woman with a senior living advisor who offered potential solutions and hope. When she checked back a few weeks later, the stepfather was moving into a senior community. What began as a dire situation ended with a smile, which Amy could feel even over the phone.


'I feel blessed to be able to work with Working Solutions. They provide great training, caring management and a real opportunity to provide help.' -Amy

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