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We are Hiring! Top 5 Reasons to Become a Working Solutions Agent

There’s no shortage of jobs for contact center agents — especially for someone skilled in customer care, who has a bit of experience, and who’s a true “people person.” Whether it’s inbound or outbound work, handling standard inquiries or performing high-level troubleshooting, skilled contact center agents are always in demand.

Yet not all of those jobs are created equally! At Working Solutions, we always say our agents are “the best of the best.” We know that our success depends on the people who work for us, and we strive to hire the best contact center agents available — and then we treat them like rockstars once they’re part of the team! With that in mind, here are the top 5 reasons why our agents love working with us.

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Top 5 Reasons Call Center Agents Choose Working Solutions

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#1: The chance to work from home. Imagine if you could eliminate commuting from your life forever, along with the need to prepare lunch in advance (or have to purchase something around your workplace). When you work with Working Solutions, there’s no need to drive anywhere, meaning you get back the time spent in the car or on the train. Even better, your kitchen is right there when you need it. In short, working from home saves you time, money, and hassle, all while doing the kind of work you love.

But make no mistake: Working from home doesn’t mean you’re on your own! We make sure you’re set up to succeed with an engaging, step-by-step onboarding process, as well as special chat and social media channels where you can ask questions of us or other agents.

#2: The chance to choose your own schedule. Are you an early riser? Or maybe a night owl? Either way, Working Solutions lets you work the hours that best fit your preferences. If you want your mornings free to get your kids ready for school, you can choose to work shifts in the afternoon or at night. If you prefer to run errands in the afternoon, you can work morning or overnight shifts. Get the idea?

#3: We’ve got a great company culture! Wait, can a virtual job even have culture? The answer is yes! We create an engaging culture by giving our agents access to chat rooms to keep them updated not only with info about the position and the client, but also for a place to interact and connect with other team members socially. We also use social media to promote communication and camaraderie, with a Facebook page that’s specifically aimed at our contact center agents, offering a place to not just address questions about the job but also chat, share stories and pics, and just get to know each another.

We’re proud of the culture we’ve created for our contact center agents, and the feeling is mutual — many of our top agents have been with us for 10+ years, and we’re working to ensure they’ll be onboard for many more.

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#4: Plenty of opportunities for ongoing education. We know that we’re only as good as our contact center agents, so we work to make sure that those agents are as up-to-date as possible on all the info they need to succeed. That means lots of opportunities to expand your personal and professional skill set with additional IT training, updates on contact center best practices, data entry skills, and lots more!

In fact, we even have a team of professionals constantly working to ensure that our agents have access to the best ongoing educational tools available, and to make sure that those sessions are fun and engaging.

“Our goal is to set up every agent for success,” says Katie, our Senior Agent Education Specialist. “We often build stronger relationships and rapport with our agents than is typical in a brick-and-mortar scenario.”

#5: We’ve got plenty of hours! Because we represent so many businesses across North America — from small companies to Fortune 500 firms — there’s usually the chance to pick up extra hours when you need to. Particularly during busy times of the year like the holiday shopping season or tax time, we’ve usually got additional opportunities for our contact center agents to grab some extra hours.

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